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Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that causes facial redness, acne-like pimples, visible small blood vessels on the face, swelling and/or watery, irritated eyes. This inflammation of the face can affect the cheeks, nose, chin, forehead or eyelids, and can slowly spread to the ears, chest and back. More than 14 million Americans suffer from rosacea. While it’s not contagious, there is some evidence to suggest that it is inherited. There is no known cause or cure for rosacea, and thankfully, no link between rosacea and cancer. It’s a bothersome condition, but the right skin care can make a big difference. Your doctor may prescribe a cream or antibiotics to treat your rosacea and bring your skin the relief and help it needs. Patients with rosacea should avoid: - Products with alcohol, camphor, menthol, sodium laurel sulfate - Sour or spicy foods - Citrus fruits - Hot drinks and alcohol - Too much sun/heat

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