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Gameplay Players get to choose one of four characters, between Ethan, Jak, Orson, or Tycho. These four characters are split into two teams of two players, with each player serving as a rookie to the game. In between rounds, a new topic for the round will be given to the players, which is usually provided at the beginning of the round, although in previous games the topics were given at the end. The topics can be one of three categories: Finding, Listening, and Fighting. Each topic has up to three questions. For example, "Who would you rather go to the ball with: A famous serial killer or an ex-child star?" Each round, the teams must answer the questions in order, and the team with the lowest number of incorrect answers will move forward to the next round. After each round, the score will be tallied, and if a team manages to get to 100 before the other team, the team with the lower score will lose. However, if a team gets too many incorrect answers, the team will lose all of their points and must start over. The rounds last for three minutes, with a minute break. If a team gets too many incorrect answers, they will get a stop signal to inform them that they must start over. In some episodes, the team with the most points at the end of the round will win. Development Unlike most of the previous poker-themed Telltale Games, Poker Night was developed in an early access model, and was first revealed on August 20, 2012, at Penny Arcade Expo. The development team included former Telltale members Andy Harris and Chris Kohler, as well as former Telltale designers Michael Dykes, Julie Boyd, and Greg Rice. Mike Walsh and Billy Rempe also returned to the Poker Night series to contribute as writers, Walsh to write the dialog, and Rempe to handle the voice acting. The characters of Ethan, Jak, and Orson were recreations of those seen in the Penny Arcade . The new addition to the series was the character Tycho. He was designed to be more appealing to female audiences, as he was only ever seen in the Penny Arcade . The character of Tycho was the second character to be revealed in the Poker Night series. The team opted for Tycho over Ethan, who had been the first character to be revealed, because of his trademark short hair and moustache




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FreeDownloadPokerNightattheInventoryrar chagill

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